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Who are we?

We have grown into the biggest gardening website in the India and the only one able to supply a significant range of plants. Our approach has won us many compliments. We provide not only plants but also we provide other equipment for a real garden.

Welcome to the only gardening website that specializes in plants. Of course we sell everything else you’ll need for the garden, but plants are our thing. This Website is a catalog of our shop. You can see our shop through this site.


We specialize in the supply of plants and garden equipment. offering the very best in terms of design, range of products, and on-going maintenance to give you an example, a good garden center can give you around 400 plant varieties to choose from. We can offer over 4,000.

If you’re worried about all this choice, don’t be. We can help narrow it down for you. We have created a section of the site where you can choose plants for a particular job like: covering walls or fences, or providing a lovely scent when you open the door. You can also choose by color, flowering time; or soil type And if you are really stuck you can email one of our plant doctors and they’ll give you a host of golden ideas.


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